Get ready to experience a brand new adventure for Game Boy ! Dragonborne is an adventure RPG created using GB Studio, help Kris on his journey to find his missing father, you will encounter various enemies and mini quests along the way, are you tough enough to battle through to each Dragon and defeat them before they wreak havoc on the region of Argon ? 

This is an early prototype demo of the game, which is under ongoing development

we hope you enjoy it ! 

Please leave your feedback and notify us if you experience any bugs 

Thanks !

Spacebot Interactive / Mr Maddog 

For regular updates follow us on Instagram: @spacebot_interactive 

N.B - We are working on a German translation of the game, you will be able to select the language in the options menu, this is a work in progress but you will be able to test a small portion of it in the demo. 


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